H2OUT Waterproofing Client Testimonials

I recently had H2OUTWaterproofing company waterproof my basement. Both Richard and Scott came out to check out my problems. They checked out the basement and around my house then sat down with me and explained how they proposed to repair my basement.

They had examples of the materials they use, lots of pictures showing how the process worked. They were very nice about answering all and any questions I had. I did have quite a few. All in all a great presentation.

When the employees came to do the job they were on time, clean & neat, very polite and worked except for their lunch break.

The thing that impressed me the most was we did have a couple of minor problems after the job was finished. I called the office and within less than an hour Richard was on the phone with me.

That same day in the morning the employees came out and Scott showed up to check the problems. They realized what had happened, what would be required to fix it and came back the next day to take care of everything.

They are a great company in the fact they do good work, but as important they stand behind the quality of their work. No backtracking, excuses, taking their time to get back to me.

They were prompt, apologized several times for this problem and most important took steps to make everything ok. Thank you H2OUTWaterproofing. I would recommend your company to anyone.

Marlene Krzak

I have nothing but praise for your encapsulation products and the work crew. The work was performed at our house in September of 2013.

The day after installation was complete I got to see evidence of the success because it rained really hard and the drain valve in the yard popped up and started spewing water that normally would have been under our house.

Up to this point, when we would get a hard rain, sometimes as much as 3 inches of rain was in certain sections of the crawl space but not now, IT IS DRY!!!

All work was done in a very professional manner and it looks great. the crew was very friendly and they left no mess for me to clean up. LOVE IT! Thank you.

Terry Berrier
Knoxville, TN

Scott Hutchison of H2OUT Knoxville did a wonderful job getting rid of the water and moisture in our crawl space for good.

He and his crew installed drainage pipes in our crawl space; created a retention area should any water get into the crawl space; installed a commercial grade sump pump and dehumidifier; treated the area with a fungicide before and after completion of the job; and encapsulated the entire crawlspace with a thick plastic membrane.

He also installed a humidity and temperature sensor with the control panel located in our home so we are assured the equipment is working.

He did a wonderful job; was very courteous and professional, and made sure his crew cleaned up after each work day. I wholeheartedly recommend Scott for any waterproofing needs you may have.

Patricia Reed
Clinton, TN

We purchased a 1940 home and were fully aware the basement leaked, due to the home inspection.  We took the chance and purchased the home anyway!

After having spent 7 years, literally treading water after a hard rain, washing and carrying laundry up a flight or two of steps and also having to make “The Weather Channel” our priority we decided it was time to take control of the problem. It wasn’t a hard decision to make, keep treading water and having the weather channel as a favorite or invest in the solution.

Fortunately, my husband and his profession, he meets many people and he had the opportunity to meet someone who recommended H2OUT.  We are very proud to say that, H2OUT has changed our lives.

We no longer have to watch the weather channel, unless we want to, we don’t have to tread water or make sure stored furniture is safe from water damage.

The best result from having my basement waterproofed is, I don’t have to worry about mold and other issues that result from a water leak.

Thank you, H2OUT!!!!

Matt & Angie Poplin
Maryville, TN

Even when you build your home on a dry Tennessee ridge top you can encounter water problems in the basement.

Many years in late winter when soils became saturated we could count on finding 4 to 6 inches of water in our basement after every major rain storm.  Naturally the area was useless for storage.

And we had serious mold and mildew problems throughout the rest of the house all year.

H2OUT of Knoxville are the folks to call.  Scott Hutchison and his crew did a great job of completely sealing our basement floor and walls and installing an integral drain system to handle any future water problems.

During the job they were able to remedy several related structural problems by reinforcing the foundation walls and floor joists.  They also completely encapsulated an open crawl space adjoining the basement for us. However the construction services offered by Scott Hutchison Builders / H2OUT are by no means limited to only encapsulation and waterproofing.

While on site we also had the H2OUT team expand the size of our outdoor patio and raise it’s height approximately one foot to the same level as the main floor of the house.  Before forming and pouring concrete the crew installed a complete drain system and waterproofed all sides of the house in contact with the patio.

In addition, they replaced the aging sliding glass door which provides access to the patio and replaced plate glass windows along approximately 40 feet of the walls of our main living area.

The end result is an extremely attractive living area and adjoining patio that we will enjoy for many years to come.  Plus we now have a structurally sound, waterproof basement which we are confident will provide us excellent additional storage space and will reduce mold problems throughout the house.

Although the biocide treatments haven’t yet been completed, the quality of the air inside the house already seems to be much improved.

This was a challenging project and the H2OUT team did a wonderful job for us.  The quality of their workmanship was first rate in all aspects of the project.  Throughout the work they always took great care to avoid damage to household furnishings and the many native wildflowers and shrubs in our yard.

They consistently involved us in decision making during the job and kept us posted on progress.

Everyone on the crew was always friendly, courteous, and a pleasure to work with.

Kathy and Charlie Smart
Norris, TN