Foundation vs Earth

Foundation repair can be critical to maintaining the structural integrity of your home. The foundation of your home is designed and built to bear the weight of the home and provide a safe environment in which to live. Engineers go to great lengths to ensure that the load capacity of a home is sufficient to maintain its structural integrity, even if the ground below shifts.

And yet, with the precautions engineers take, the shifting of the earth sometimes can cause damage to a home.

In Knoxville, walls often become cracked, bowed, and even shift from their original position in the house. When these problems go untreated, the foundation may fail and the structure above (your home) can be compromised, creating an unsafe environment for living. You need a reliable foundation repair company to make it safe again.

Foundation vs Water

Knoxville has plenty of rainfall, and water can can challenge the integrity of your foundation.

Water flows with gravity and follows the path of least resistance. At first, water may flow around or beneath your foundation, but over time, the eroding nature of water begins to take place.

Water can force its way into the hollow cavities of a home’s walls. This causes erosion and promotes the growth of mold spores, fungus, and other toxins. You may need to have mold removed from your crawlspace or basement as mold can eat the wood, leaving a structurally unsound building.

If this problem is not resolved, water may begin to weep through the pores in the wall’s surface or leak through cracks and mortar joints. Subsequently, water can flow beneath the wall and force its way under or over the footer and even spring up through cracks in the floor.

Water is a very destructive force on the foundation of your home. In addition, when it is combined with the added stress from lateral earth pressure, the forces against your home’s foundation are overwhelming. A foundation repair company like ours can correct the water problems through a proper drainage system, encapsulations, and more.

Signs of Damage

Due to recent technology, modern homes in Knoxville often have a design advantage. Even so, every home is subject to stress from foundation settlement, lateral earth pressure and water intrusion. While it is sometimes difficult for a Knoxville homeowner to pinpoint all of the possible problems they may be having with a foundation, there are some obvious signs. A foundation repair specialist can help identify serious threats to your home’s structure.

  • CRACKS – Cracks in the walls or the floor should not be overlooked. Cracks are fractures in the integrity of the structure and even the smallest crack could be an indication of major problems.
  • BOWED WALLS – Bowed walls are the result of lateral earth pressure and appear as a large bulge in the wall. Bowed walls are serious problems and need to be addressed immediately. If left untreated, this can result in sections of the wall, or the entire wall, collapsing.
  • WATER – Signs of water in your basement may be an indication of a failing foundation. Water can enter your basement from many places. This commonly occurs through cracks in the wall, weeping through the wall, or from the floor by way of under or over the footer.

H2OUT Foundation Repair

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Wall; H2OUT Waterproofing

Carbon Fiber Reinforced

The goal of H2OUT Waterproofing in Knoxville is to repair the existing damage to your foundation and add stronger new supports. We use several industry standard applications and techniques when repairing compromised sections of your foundation.

Cracks are treated with a polyurethane resin to fill and seal the smaller damaged areas. For larger more substantial damage, the use of carbon fiber straps are installed to seal, cover, and reinforce the cracked section.

Carbon fiber straps are comprised of high tensile strength fibers woven together and combined with an epoxy resin mixture. Once applied, the carbon fiber strap adheres to the face of the wall and creates a bond, supporting the structure and sealing out moisture.

In situations where the wall is bowed due to lateral earth pressure, a bowed wall carbon fiber kit is used. With a 30% increase in tensile strength, carbon fiber is installed to seal and cover the damaged section of wall.

Another benefit of using carbon fiber is that the overall strength of the wall is increased. The strength of a carbon fiber treated wall is more than four times that of the original wall. This provides the foundation with the strength it needs to maintain the integrity of your home.

Steel I-Beams Used to Support Joists

Steel Beams for Support

In some situations the use of steel I-beams are required. I-beams are installed to the wall or mounted by supports to the ceiling. Steele I-beams improve load bearing sections of the foundation, and create a strong and firm reinforcement to applied portions of your basement.

Foundation repair and reinforcement brings added life and value to your home and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your home’s foundation is that much more secure.

Many people are intimidated when it comes to foundation repair. A good foundation repair company can fix minor issues before they become a big problem. We want to be your foundation repair resource in Knoxville, East Tennessee and beyond.

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