Vented or Closed Crawlspaces | Moisture Results

(Video) Vented or closed crawlspaces, that is the question. This video provides us with a definitive answer: CLOSED!

In 2002, the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory funded a project managed and co-funded by Advanced Energy in North Carolina.

The purpose of the project was to determine if vented crawlspaces and closed crawlspaces (encapsulated) provide the same or varying conditions for growing mold. The results were clear. They were not even close.

Closed, or encapsulated, crawlspaces proved to be far superior than vented crawlspaces when the goal was to keep the crawlspace dry and mold free.

Most homes in America are built with open, or vented, crawlspaces. These homes have more moisture and mold than homes with encapsulated crawlspaces. It is a fact and this video explains why this is true.

The video summarizes how they carried out the study and provides the results of the year-long project.